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What are Pschological Disorders and differences?

What are Psychological Disorders and differences?

Anxiety, depression, stress, and Adhd are familiar words with which the majority of individuals are already acquainted once in life. Giving mixed and similar pictures of symptoms, all these illnesses are often considered to be the same but there should be awareness regarding the fact that these all are not the same.

Psychological disorders such as stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD are commonly known and serious problems nowadays. These illnesses have everlasting and sometimes debilitating effects on the individual mental health. Many initiatives have been started to increase awareness about mental health and help individuals suffering from such disorders that left them with feelings of low self-esteem, poor sleep cycle, and deteriorating overall health.

Anxiety is often felt by individuals in day to day life, for example when relocating to a new city, joining a new job, or demotion in the job but this sort of anxiety resolves on its own when the aggravating factor is removed but when this anxiety doesn’t subside on its own and the individual started experiencing a constant fear around them and anxiety attacks, this is one of the warning sign indicating that the person is heading towards the development of anxiety disorder.

The majority of symptoms that experienced by individuals suffering from anxiety disorders are-

Panic attacks are unpredictable.

-Phobia or fear related to any specific object, situation, or activity as well.

-Repeatedly doing the same task again and again (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

-Following a traumatic episode individuals also feel anxious.

-Anxiety neurosis.


Depression, on the other hand also affects almost everything in an individual’s life. Like how an individual thinks, feels, or behaves. Although depression is a treatable condition and what is a turning point in the treatment journey is how well the condition is diagnosed and treatment started. Individuals experiencing depression are most likely to get better when they manage these symptoms on their own.

Some easily available resources to manage the symptoms of these disorders are the use of popper and fidget toys. Stress-relieving toys, anti-stress poppers, and stress-relieving gadgets.  Symptoms of depression may vary among individuals, and some of the commonly seen symptoms are-

-Lack of interest in activities of daily living.

-Sad mood throughout the day

-Uncontrolled anger.-

-Feeling low throughout the day etc.

Stress is another commonly seen problem faced by individuals ranging from a very young age to older ones. Stress is not linked with any particular stimulus or reason, nowadays depending upon the variety of incidence that occurs in the life of individuals. It results in stress, and stress is considered to be the first step towards the development of psychological disorders.

Constant stress throughout the day leads to disturbance in the normal physiology of the body resulting in disturbance in mental health. Many initiatives have been started to help people cope up with psychological illnesses as a strong message is taught that is to take steps to reduce or eliminate stressors wherever possible.

Symptoms of stress include-

-An elevated blood pressure level.

-Severe headaches.

-Palpitations felt by individuals.

-Rashes on the skin.

-Poor sleep cycle and disturbed sleep pattern etc.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is another psychological condition that affects the mental well-being of the individual and is characterized by the impulsive behavior of the individual. Which results in an inability to focus on a particular task.  increased levels of hyperactivity and impulsive behaviors in individuals known to have Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Often seen in this disorder in children, although the exact reason for its development is yet unknown. According to researches, there is a role of reduction in Dopamine production.

Dopamine is an important chemical in the brain that is responsible for sending signals from one nerve to another and has a triggering role in the regulation of emotional response and movements.

Symptoms of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) includes-

-Difficulty in focusing on a particular task.

– Inability to properly complete the assigned tasks on time.

– Easy to Distract from any activity or task.

-Restlessness throughout the day.

Inability to sit still for a long time.

-Unintentional interruption of people when they are having a conversation etc.

Early diagnosis of psychological disorder is important but along with medical management. Individuals should opt for other resources as well such as stress-relieving toys in the form of poppers, pop-it, anti-stress gadgets, as regular use of these gadgets.

Which helps in the reduction of anxious and depressive symptoms. Nowadays stress-relieving toys considered to be a boon to the patients suffering from these psychological disorders. That’s why they have gained popularity because a maximum number of people have found them helpful in managing anxiety depression, and Adhd symptoms. Stress-relieving toys help as a way to increase the focus on assigned tasks and also reduce restlessness along with managing the stress levels.





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